Partnership – RAMA

Refrigeration and Airconditioning Manufacturers Association (RAMA)

RAMA is a non-profit Association founded in 1991 and represents most of the Manufacturers in Refrigeration and Air conditioning Industry in India, for furthering the interest of the RAC industry in the country and maintaining highest environmental, safety and ethical standards in the RAC industry.
The members are from the leading companies in India and MNCs from US, Japan, Korea, Europe and China. The manufacturers are in the business of equipment and components.
RAMA, as an Association is recognized by Ministries and departments of Government of India, viz., Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Ministry of Power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Bureau of Indian Standards& RAMA actively participates in all their programmes of common interest. Views are sought by the bodies on the matters relating to Air-conditioning &Commercial Refrigeration and issues of larger interest of the country, environment and the society.
RAMA actively pursue AC &R Industry issues with various Government authorities like Pre-budget memorandum, duties, framing of rules for AC & R industry on various subjects.
RAMA functional structure is given below.

RAMA has a flat institutional frame work which helps effectively in the operations.The president is elected every two years amongst their members.
Various committees are formed & subject experts from the member companies, are the member of each committee to effectively deal with all the issues connected with the Business of AC & R industry & the country. The members of these committees participate in the deliberations of policy making ministries/departments of the government of India/International bodies.
RAMA has established relationship with international and national institutions in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Climate and Energy Efficiency. Presently RAMA has the collaboration / membership of the following international/ national Institutions:
(i) International Council for Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Manufactures Association (ICARHMA) USA, there are from AC& R Manufactures Associations of various countries, like USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Columbia etc.,
(ii) Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE): developing Standards for various AC &R products, for Indian conditions, equivalent to match Global quality standards.RAMA in Collaboration with ISHRAE has concluded the Chiller technical standard and the development of Standardsfor VRF& Air handling units is in progress.
(iii) Confederation of IndianIndustries (CII): RAMA works closely with Industry apex body, CII for developing strategies and RAC industry and protection of environment and organization of joint meetings and events on subjects of mutual interest.
(iv) Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE): RAMA is working closely and actively with BEE in developing and updating Energy Efficiency Labelling Programme relating to Room Air conditioning equipment for the past 10 years.
(v) Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS): RAMA is associated in evaluation of existing Standards and development of new standards as per Indian conditions for RAC related equipment and processes.
(vi) Ozone Cell, MoEF&CC: RAMA has been working actively in ozone depleting substances (ODS) programme for protection of the ozone layer and implementation of the Montreal Protocol ODS phase-out in the country.

RAMA actively participating and contributing technically in policy framing under the guidance of Ozone Cell, MoEF& CC in the activities related to the Montreal Protocol since India became Party to the Montreal Protocol.RAMA has made following contributions for the protection of the Ozone Layer:
(i) RAMA had been participating in the Meeting of Parties (MOP) & Conference of Parties (COP), organized by the Ozone Secretariat and the Secretariat for the Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol for the past 15 years. Interacted and developed relationships with counterparts in developed and developing countries for better understanding of common issues and consensus building.
(ii) RAMA actively participated in INDO-US Task force on Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). RAMA participated in several meetings of the taskforce with in the country and USA.
(iii) RAMA under the guidance of Ozone Cell, MoEF&CC actively participated in the HCFC Phase-out Management Plans (HPMPs). Developed HCFC phase-out strategies under HPMP Stage-I and HPMP Stage-II.
(iv) RAMA has been actively participating in the amendment to the Montreal Protocol for Phase-down of HFCs.

RAMA actively participated and made contributions in the development of ICAP since MOEF& CC launched the IndiaCooling ActionPlan, in July 2017. RAMA was the member of the six thematic groups. RAMA was the lead for AC & R Technology Group and participant in the balance 5 thematic groups. RAMA presented to the group, deeper insights of the entire AC& R Industry & its growth in India.